Our Services

Door to Door Cargo to Nigeria
At Fando Freight, we understand the need for safety, reliability, flexibility and on time delivery. These requirements are the core of our service delivery with regards to our Door to door cargo to Nigeria. We ensure your cargo to Nigeria is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Ocean Shipping to Nigeria
Our ocean shipping offers full Container Load and Part Container Load, Groupage shipping, Barrel Shipping and many more. Ocean Shipping to Nigeria with Fando Freight guarantees your peace of mind.

Our door to door cargo and ocean shipping service is fast, safe, efficient and highly effective. We can arrange for your consignment to be picked up from anywhere in the United Kingdom at a very competitive rate and have it delivered to your specified destination in Nigeria. This is our word, our promise and our service to you at all times.

Shipping of Cars, Trucks and Vans:
We offer efficient services in the shipment of Vehicles to Nigeria, Benin (Cotonu) and Togo ( Lome ). We also offer custom clearing services and can deliver your vehicle to any destination in Nigeria.

Courier Services:
We offer a fast courier services within the United Kingdom and to any other European countries. We can arrange for your courier delivery from and to any location in the United Kingdom. With our 24 hours delivery time frame - UK ONLY PARCELS, you can be rest assured your customers, friends and family will receive any sent item by the required time.

Product Sourcing and Buying:
Whether you need your goods collected from seller or you need a full help with shopping for your items without the need for you to be physically present at the retailers outlet, we can help in many ways. We act on behalf of our customer's ranging from individuals to corporate bodies overseas to source and buy goods at customer's request here in the United Kingdom.

We also offer a convenient payment system for our customers wishing to buy items in the UK and make payment from Nigeria.The service is subject to our terms and conditions. Please ask our cargo managers more about our product sourcing and buying.

Quality Packaging:
We offer a professional packaging service to customers in order to prevent accidental damage of any kind to cargo or shipment in transit. Our packaging for cargo to Nigeria ensure your receive your shipment safely at all times.

Storage services:
If you need to store your items prior to shipment, we are pleased to assist you. Our storage facilities are secure and you can be rest assured of the safety of your items whilst in our care. Contact us for more information about our storage services.

Home Move / Relocation services:
We provide home move or relocation services within London an it's environs. Our relocation staffs are well trained on how to handle your home move and relocation. Please contact us for more information on our home move/ relocation services.

Our Rates:
Our range of services are offered on a highly competitive prices. Please visit our price section for information on rates to various destination in Nigeria.