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Price List
State Collection only
Door to door
Min weight (Kilo)
Abia 5.20 6.00 30
Adamawa 5.50 6.50 30
Akwa Ibom 5.50 6.00 30
Anambra 5.50 Ask for quote 30
Bauchi 5.50 NA 30
Benue 5.40 Ask for quote 30
Borno 5.50 7.00 40
Cross River 5.40 6.50 3
Delta 5.50 6.00 30
Ebonyi 5.50 6.00 30
Edo 5.30 6.00 30
Ekiti 5.00 5.50 30
Enugu 5.50 6.00 30
FCT Abuja 5.30 5.80 30
Gombe 6.00 NA 40
Imo 5.50 6.00 30
Jigawa 6.00 NA 40
Kaduna 5.50 6.00 30
Kano 5.50 6.50 40
Katsina 5.50 6.50 40
Kebbi 5.50 6.50 40
Kogi 5.00 6.00 30
Kwara 5.00 6.00 30
Lagos 4.50 5.50 15
Nasarawa 5.00 Ask for quote 40
Niger 5.50 Ask for quote 30
Ogun 4.90 5.30 30
Ondo 4.50 5.50 30
Osun 5.00 5.50 25
Oyo 5.00 5.50 30
Plateau 5.50 6.00 30
Rivers 5.50 6.00 30
Sokoto 5.50 6.50 30
Taraba 5.00 6.20 30
Yobe 5.50 6.50 40
Bayelsa 5.50 Ask for quote 30
Fixed item freight to Lagos
Description Price ( £ )
Laptops, Pamtops, Tablets, Ipads 5-18 35
19 Inches TV - To Lagos 100
26 Inches TV - To Lagos 130
32 Inches TV - To Lagos 150
37 Inches TV - To Lagos 180
40 Inches TV - To Lagos 250
42 Inches TV - To Lagos 280
46 Inches TV - To Lagos 300
50 Inches TV - To Lagos 350
Mobile Phones - To Lagos 20
Container and Vehicle shipping to Nigeria - Prices below are for shipping from UK Port to Nigeria Port only and does NOT include loading, haulage and clearing. Price
20FT Container 1270
40FT Container 1800
Saloon Car - 14.5 years and under 470
SUV's, Jeep and 4X4 770
Short wheel base van - Maximum Height 2 meters 800
Medium wheel base van - Vehicle dimension is required Contact Us for quote
Long wheel base van - Vehicle dimension is required Contact Us for quote
- -
Storage service Contact Us for quote
UK Removal Contact Us for quote
Cargo from Lagos to London Contact Us for quote
Important Information - PLEASE READ

Minimum Cargo Weight

The minimum weight we cargo by air to Lagos is 20KG and 30KG to most other states in Nigeria. Please refer to our price list above for more details. If you have below the minimum weight to the required destination, we will still be able to accept it for cargo but may charge you for the minimum weight. For door to door delivery within Lagos, a minimum weight of 100Kg applies.

Delivery Schedule

Our delivery lead time for air cargo to Lagos is 5 to 7 working days and 8 to 10 working days to other destination in Nigeria from cargo day (usually every Friday of the week) subject to normal working operation.Working days exclude Saturday and Sunday. We aim to get shipment ready in Lagos within this time subject to custom clearance in Nigeria. Factors such as airline delays or custom operation is beyond our control and we strongly advise you plan your shipment well in advance.

For ocean shipping, delivery schedule is usually 4 to 6 weeks from the date the ship sails from the United Kingdom. We will notify you of the exact vessel sail date.

Door to Door Delivery, Collection from Lagos office and Collection from other states in Nigeria

We DO NOT deliver shipment below 100KG within Lagos State. Delivery of shipment over 100KG is not automatic and we may charge to deliver to some remote area of Lagos state. Customer having shipment going outside Lagos will be required to collect such consignment from our collection center (usually ABC Transport office) in the respective state. For door to door cargo delivery within Lagos state, the total weight MUST be up to 100KG. Recipient will be notified to collect cargo from our office if total weight is under 100KG. We do not provide door to door delivery outside Lagos State unless on special request. Please note door to door delivery outside Lagos may be subject to delay due to issues beyond the control of Fando Freight.

Duty on commercial goods

Prices quoted or obtained on our website are based on shipment or freight of personal effects. Shipment classed as commercial at destination port is subject to full duty applicable or imposed by destination authority/custom. Such duty will be passed to consignee/consignor whichever is applicable.

If your cargo is below the minimum weight specified for cargo to the respective state, we will charge you the price of the minimum for the respective state.

Collection from customer

We provide "free" cargo collection within Barking and Dagenham. Collection from other parts of the UK are charged at a fee. Please ask our contact center for more information about collection charges

Packaging of your shipment

You are responsible for the packaging of all shipment being sent using suitable packaging material. We advise you use a strong reinforced carton, suitcase or crate for extremely fragile items. Please ask our contact center for info about packaging materials

Handling and Documentation Fee

All shipment are subject to a twenty pounds ( £20.00 ) cargo documentation fee unless advised otherwise

Television, LCD's, Extremely Fragile materials

Flat screen display (LCD'S, Plasma's and Computer Monitor) MUST be specially packed as required by carrier. Price quoted does not include packaging cost. Fando Freight does not offer any 'Goods In Transit' cover or accept any liability for damage to televisions or other types of graphical display systems that exceed screen size of 14 inches. Our cover for Television and display unit is limited to Loss in transit

The price of LCD's, PLASMA's, LED's and LAPTOPS to other destination outside Lagos varies. Quote will be made available at your request.

Our transit system is not suitable for carrying consignments containing;
• Ceramics
• China
• Fossils
• Glass
• Pottery
• Stonewear
• Televisions or other electronic graphical display systems (with screen size exceeding 14 inches) - unless adequately packed.
• Works of Art (or similar materials)
• Items which are made from, or consist of rock (whether igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary or otherwise) We accept no liability for damage caused to the same

Ocean Shipping Rates

We are constantly updating our Ocean Shipping rates to Nigeria to give you the best deal. Loading for ocean shipping is ongoing. Please ask our contact center about our ocean shipping rates and schedule to Nigeria.

Volumetric Weight

Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight can be charged according to the space they take up on aircraft. In these cases, Volumetric Weight, or dimensional (Dim) weight, is used to calculate the shipment cost.

It is recommended that you calculate the Volumetric Weight for every shipment that you send, then compare this to its actual weight. The greater weight of the two is used to work out the price that we charge you. For large and bulky items, please give our contact center a call for a quote.

International Volumetric Weights are calculated using the formula below:

Length x Width x Height in centimeters) divided by 6000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms

Cargo to Nigeria: Fando Freight can send your cargo to Nigeria for you to pick up from our Lagos office.
Now accepting consignment for ocean shipping to Nigeria: We are now accepting consignment for sea shipping to Nigeria. Contact us today for more details.
Door to Door Cargo to Nigeria: We offer door to door cargo to Nigeria
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